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ONET Haiti Petit-Goave 2012 kids summer camp

Posted by O.N.E.T HAITI on September 22, 2012 at 6:45 PM

From August 20th to August 25th, 2012, ONET Haiti conducted its 2012 summer camp for an amount of 100 kids. Thanks to the financial support of our two partners Palmerdale United Methodist church through Jerry Powell and Sentry Engineering Group, Inc. through Norm COWDEN, the kids camp took place in Armée du Salut school located in Ave La Liberté, Petit-Goâve, Haiti. Besides this important support by our two partners, the members of the ONET organization did play an incredible role in organizing the event and its implementation. During this third realization, the children along with their parents enjoyed the program and require even much more every year. Our Hundred children approximately ( 90 kids to 102 at the very last day) were proposed a large range of activities where they were called to express themselves. Our hosts made a great job by presenting diferent subjects along with some other social and religious actors in the city. This summer camp which the slogan was ”The country should take off with the children” was a great moment to the children to exchange and learn by doing, playing, praying and eating together with the ONET staff who have learned much more about their wishes. Among the activities which constitute the programme, we had Bible studies, Education awareness, talk on hygienic issues, cleanliness; environment issues, hand craft, drawings, painting, creative works, free performance, role-playing games, foot-ball competition, children Rights, etc. During these three experiences, we have been learning different problems that our society is facing. Parents and kids are excited about this humanitary and social activity, but they also understand that more need to be done as to better assist. It is a great occasion for us to know, through individual talking to kids and parents, that most of them have their report cards held at the school administration because of left over debt. This kind of activity creates a better understanding of the situation of the majority of these needy kids who don’t have entertaining time besides schools. In fact, it is a real annuel ready-to-go meeting that they have every year with ONET to gather and out-school interact with other kids they might not know before. This annual program is the very important place where the members of the Organization get an incentive about our mission to help and support those kids. As a new point, before the last day, the coordinator along with four hosts had a great time by the sea with the young ones talking about the importance of keeping their environment clean. As it is shown in the pictures below, they were excited walking from the camp site on line to the sea side. Seventy-two (72) of them from age 8 to 16 took part in this activity, asked question, made pictures, played, and learned how to be more reasonable towards their environment.

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