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Children Support National Organization

Kids Summer camp 2010



slogan : Help me to support my country

from Aug. 30 to Sept. 5, 2010

July 2010


Project : kids summer Camp

Project overview

O.N.E.T (in Creole: Òganizasyon Nasyonal Pou Ede Timoun) ‘’ in English (Children Support National Organization)’’ is a non-profit based organization, located in Petit-Goave Haiti, involving in kids related issues. We work especially with children who are in hard difficulties. We hear by vulnerable kids, those who are apparently in bad situation considering their dressing, physical standing and attitude. So, we contact their parents to explain them our intention to them as to help them become useful citizens for themselves and for the country. In O.N.E.T, we have taken the initiative to bring our contribution to the social, behavioral, and educative reconstruction of our Haitian kids. From this kind of thought, we plan to organize a summer camp for the kids as to help to recover after the earthquake which stroke the country on January 12, 2010, and also after the end of the current school year. We have also taken this initiative to prepare them on psychological and social issue face to the upcoming school period.

Considering that a great part of our kids in refugee camps are living in precarious situation and that some parents are neglecting their missions, this activity will emphasize on awareness on negatives consequences of their current behavior and new lifestyle. Socially, this activity will help them socialize with other kids. Activities such as role play, sketch, texts and others which will be parts of our program to make them aware of gang related activities, practice of mutual respect, respect of environment, value of education, and a set of activities allowing them to take a better direction. For that matter, we will have a group of qualified persons to help us offer a good activity week to them. We will have some professionals from the community to talk to the kids on a subject appealing their concerns such as education, environment, etc. Thus, besides the entertaining program, a rich program will be presented to them during the whole week.


The fact that is rather entertainment than pedagogical, we have not included too much formal/scholar activities. However, with the support of our well-trained personnel in the realization of the project, we will have the following activities:

a) Initiation to music

b) Initiation to English language (days of the week, Colors, Month of the year, Date, Hours, Members of the family, English songs, direction and address, etc.)

c) Sport (Foot-ball, Basket, Volley-Ball, race, etc.)

d) Initiation to painting

e) Initiation to drawing and handcraft

f) Poem

g) Hygiene Promotion

h) Psychosocial Assistance

Through this daily based program, they will be relaxing, training, informing and expressing themselves among other kids, especially through the different talks we will implement. Two meals constituting of a breakfast and lunch will be served to them.

Organization and closing activity

To end this weekly activity, a party will be organized along with their parents and the different sponsors involving in the realization of the program.

Aimed results

After the completion of this weekly activity, the participants will be able to:

a) Be more conscious of themselves as human being; be more conscious of their fonction in the society

b) To prove a significant change of attitude through their way of acting

c) Re-consider the concept of education, environment, mutual and respect.

d) Bring the local authorities to be more conscious about the kids situation

Finally, as the slogan states ‘’ Help me to support my country’’, may this summer camp be served as fuel to the kids integration engine in the different activities, which will help them to become reasonable and important adults in the future for the real refoundation of Haiti.





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