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 Our name is the acronym O.N.E.T which stands for (Oganizasyon Nasyonal pou Ede Timoun, in Haitian Creole) ( Children Support National Organization, in English) and  Organisation Nationale pour Aider les Enfants, in French) we are currently located in Petit-Goave (53 km) from Port-au-Prince, Haiti.  Our office is at 75, Rue Capois, Gaston, Petit-goave, Haiti. we are reachable at (205) 547 6732(US  number).

(509) 44 70 8390 / (509) 37 22 6832/ (509) 37 49 88 17

email : onethaiti10@yahoo.fr


Our mission is to help the kids on different aspects of life: Social, Environmental and Educative. As the poverty that we are facing for now is the direct consequences of the way that our kids have been treated, our mission consisted of changing the mentality of the Kids and the perceptions that people have about them. On social aspect of their development, we focus on activities which will help them better understand life and how to live and work to improve their personal life. Lot of those activities aim to foster their socialization through contact with the other kids. Our saturday meetings are to create this type of collaboration and ''Live together'' between our kids. They show a good commitment to come and share by playing and learning among the others. During this saturday meeting, emphasis is being put on importance of education in child's life. This is also where we make them aware of the importance of taking care of the Environment, specially after the earthquake which severely stroke Haiti on January 12, 2010. Thanks to the support of the different commissions, we are working to implement good projects as to help and wholly support our kids. The result will be for them to be able to help themselves first and then their country. Our philosophy is to project a new view of our country by raising the kids in a different manner and help them to be useful to themselves and to their environment.

Slogan " Help me to support my country''



Thanks to the generosity of our partners, we will be glad to collect funds as to implement those plans in Petit-Goave for our kids:

A - Library

B- Computer learning center (connected to Internet)

C - Professional learning center ( Music ( Guitar, piano, flute,  Violon), Painting, Videography, English

D- Children day  celebration

E- ONET Summer camp (July or August

F - Excursion ( picnic)

G- Several Conferences by other professionals from the city      

H-  Involvement in cleaning our environement

I- Saturday Entertainment

J- Meeting with other local and rural kid-related organizations

So, your contributions ( money, keyboard, Guitar, paint, brush, School supplies, Trash bags,....)  as partners are very important to help us realizing these plans. And they will be well appreciated by us.

Please, feel free to contact us at :

USA : 205 547 6732

Haiti :( 509)3722 68 32

email : onethaiti10@yahoo.fr

website: www.onethaiti.webs.com

Danjou Kendson'n (Coordinator)


UPCOMING PROJECTS for summer 2010


Our upcoming activity is to organize a Camp for them from August 30, to September 5th, 2010. It is to help them enjoying themselves after the end of the school period, after the consequences of the earthquake and prepare them to the new school opening.

many activities are set up to be applied during this week activity such as intition to music, Hygiene promotion, Introduction to English Language, sport, drawing, handcraft, good manner, bible stories, musical entertainment,etc. With the support of our supporters, we will be able to offer them two meals a day, one at 09h30 and the other at 13:00



Achievements for 2010 

1- Summer camp (3 weeks)

2- Children Day Celebration

3- Children Chrismas Celebration

4- Saturday Socialization meetings

5- Parents meeting

6- Sunday ONET Board meetings

7- Waveplace visit to our kids as to work on a project od providing LAPTOPs to the kids

8- Heartland Alliance Visit

9- Heartland Alliance seminar on Public cleanness and Hygiene.




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